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Immission Protection

Noise can considerably restrict a lot of people’s quality of life. High levels of noise pollution are not only a disturbance and a nuisance, they can also lead to relevant health risks above all for the cardiovascular system. However, with adequate planning noise problems can often be reduced or even avoided. Municipalities in particular, but also business people are required to take the noise exposure of people and the environment even more seriously than up until now. Our experts in the area of immission protection can assist you from the start at the planning stage and can also advise you on existing noise problems and work with you to find solutions.

Our immission protection department supports you in the following topics:

Industrial and commercial plants

  • Planning and consultation

  • Forecast calculations in accordance with the TA Lärm [German Noise Prevention Code]

  • Acoustic inventory

  • Sound level measurements

  • Dimensioning of any noise protection measures which are potentially required

  • Allocation of noise emissions in accordance with DIN 45691 for commercial and industrial areas

Traffic noise (road and rail)

  • Forecast calculations with the framework of urban land use planning

  • Drafting of sound reduction measures for residential areas/residential use
  • Drafting of evidence of sound proofing in accordance with DIN 4109

Sport and recreational noise

  • Forecast calculations based on the sport facilities noise protection ordinance (18th BlmSchV [German Federal Noise Protection Regulation])

  • Forecast calculations based on the recreational noise regulation
  • Drafting of conflict solutions

Odour distance calculations (animal husbandry)


Approval applications in accordance with the German Federal Immission Control Act (BlmSchG)

Construction noise

Calculation of construction noise and assessment on the basis of the General Administrative Regulation to Control Construction Noise (AVV Baulärm)

Upon request, we are happy to send you selected reference examples!

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