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About us

We offer optimised comprehensive services in the drafting of expert reports and planning. Our methods are optimally coordinated and interdisciplinary.

Our development of investigation concepts, environmental guidelines, expert reports, renovation concepts and planning is competent and economical. Experienced specialists from the fields of geoscience, biology, environmental protection, landscape architecture, physical technology, process engineering, surveying, civil engineering and architecture work hand in hand in our team.

We professionally provide all necessary preliminary assessments, examinations, measurements, technical analyses, planning as well as the well-founded controlling of costs and time using the most up-to-date equipment and in accordance with the latest methods.

We have been operating internationally for many years, in Europe as well as further afield. Our international experiences additionally sensitise us with regard to our regional tasks.


GeoPlan GmbH
Donaugewerbepark 5
D-94486 Osterhofen
Tel.:  +49(0)99 32/95 44 – 0
Fax.: +49(0)99 32/95 44 – 77

Römerstr. 30
D-84130 Dingolfing
Tel.:  +49(0)87 31/37 75 41
Fax.: +49(0)87 31/37 75 42

Hechtseestr. 16
D-83022 Rosenheim
Tel.:  +49(0)80 31/2 22 74 – 20
Fax.: +49(0)80 31/2 22 74 – 22

Riedlstraße 3
D-84508 Burgkirchen a.d.Alz
Tel. +49(0)8679/9663088
Fax +49(0)8679/9664911

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