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Urban Land Use, Environmental and Landscape Planning

We approach urban development tasks or town planning with the same meticulous care we take in all conservationist matters. One main focus hereby is on urban land use planning processes. Required planning processes, coordination with authorities, citizen participation and the inclusion of political committees are a matter of course for us.

Working with us, you will always realise your measures cost effectively and on time. To this end, our specialist departments offer an ideal and comprehensive range of services.

We provide the following services for the realisation of your project:


Development plans

Urban development studies/spatial analyses/site examinations


Land utilisation plans

Green space plans

Environmental assessment/environmental report

Impact regulation/compensation area planning/eco-account planning


Landscape management plans

Design plans for open spaces


Noise protection/immission protection


Flood control/development plans for bodies of water, renaturation of bodies of water

Environmental construction project support


Development planning


Resource mining planning


Upon request, we are happy to send you selected reference examples!

Use our knowledge to your advantage!