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High-quality measurement data are the essential foundation for planning and realising all projects. Stock-taking and surveying are carried out using a tachymeter and GPS; bodies of water are surveyed using an echo sounder or with our octocopter drones which are efficiently combined with the most up-to-date hard and software. Our motto: A perfect start to your project allows it to be completed right on time!

We provide the following services for the realisation of your project:

Surveying during the planning phase (draft survey and stock measurement)

  • Inventory of streets
  • Topographic mapping
  • Conduit measurement
  • Creation of digital terrain models
  • Earth mass determination using terrain models
  • Mass calculation using cross profiles pursuant to REB [German Guidelines for Electronic Construction Invoicing]

Engineering surveying and building surveying

  • Survey control network and GPS measurement

  • Rough and fine staking out (reference line)

  • Height surveying

  • Surveying the axis

  • Deformation measurements

  • Industrial and object measurements


Expert services pursuant to section 20 et seqq. PrüfVBau [German Ordinance for Certified Inspectors in the Construction Industry]

  • Reference line inspection and approval as well as base monitoring

  • Creation of the calibration certification as proof of the location, height and border margins for submission to the approving authorities

  • Checking the building construction

Building surveying

  • BIM (Building Information Modelling)

  • 3D laser scanning

  • Layout plans, cross sections and facade views

Hydrographic surveying

  • Echo sounder measurements to establish the target depths of bodies of water
  • Longitudinal sections of bodies of water and section profiles for hydraulic calculations
  • Examination of wet extraction areas
  • Creation of contour plans (DTM) in the area of bodies of water
  • Simulation of low and high water levels

Drone flights

  • Taking stock of terrain, gravel quarries, stone quarries as well as
    roof plans and facade views
  • Data collection for orthophotographs, 3D models, 3D point clouds and geomonitoring as a basis for planning
  • Documentation of the state of bridges, buildings and façades as well as industrial and power plants

Upon request, we are happy to send you selected reference examples!

Use our knowledge to your advantage!