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Hydrogeological issues are becoming increasingly common in construction projects. Be it the modelling and analysis of the flow of ground water when the body of ground water is interfered with, establishing the yield of a well and/or an aquifer, determination of the permeability of the subsoil or else the classification of a pit with regard to its refilling, our team of geoscientists is there to professionally and reliably answer your questions ranging from the determination of the fundamentals, drafting expert reports and proposed solutions.

We provide the following services for the realisation of your project:


Hydrogeological investigations


Ground water level measurements

Water infiltration experiments (determining the kf-value)


Pump trials including analysis

Ground water modelling (2D and 3D)



Hydrogeological consultation services

Drafting of expert reports

Upon request, we are happy to send you selected reference examples!

Use our knowledge to your advantage!