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Environment – Preservation of Evidence

The range of services offered by our Environment Department comprises the sampling and environmental analysis of aggregate material pursuant to the PN 98 ordinance, of reclaimed asphalt, recycled construction materials, ground and seepage water as well as building rubble. We examine the holding for contaminants before buildings are dismantled. Our experts are qualified, possess the required permits and work rapidly and straightforwardly.

We use the most up-to-date measuring devices to preserve evidence on buildings. During jobs involving vibrations, chiselling or blasting, we carry out precise vibration measurements. Our assessments impress with their reliability and accuracy.

We provide the following services for the realisation of your project:

Sampling of aggregate material in accordance with PN98 including declaration analysis


Environmental analysis of recycled material and reclaimed asphalt

Soil and water sampling including analysis



Contaminant testing of the inventory

Vibration measurements


Preservation of evidence

Upon request, we are happy to send you selected reference examples!

Use our knowledge to your advantage!